Costs that you will incur in becoming a franchise operator.


This will be the largest upfront cost that you will face when establishing your franchise business, this payment successfully purchases your franchise package and with that we provide the following;

Franchise License, Comprehensive Induction & ongoing Training, accreditation, on going support, Personal territory, machinery & equipment, Marketing support and launch program.

Other Out-goings

Other costs that will be incurred in setting up and obtaining further materials needed to launch your business, these are not provided / funded by us.

Documentation / Legal Fee’s
Additional Equipment
Working Capital

Franchise Fee's

The initial management service fee is set at 8% of total revenue, paid monthly to the franchisor, when franchisees revenue reaches £100k annual turnover, we offer a 2% reduction in management fees on all income in excess of £100k therefore paying 6% fee for revenue in excess of the £100k threshold.

We also have a 2% contribution to our brand marketing fee, this money is targeted on franchise specific advertising and marketing the brand as a collective company with the aim to increase revenue and profitability for all operators.


If you do not have the funds readily available to invest in this new business opportunity, that it not a problem. You will be able to obtain funding from finance providers and we will help with obtaining the funding.

We have established a relationship with a finance provider who are able to offer new franchisees up to 70% of the initial start up costs, our providers will be favorable in granting you the funds needed (subject to status).

Financial Projections

The graph Below displays the earning potential for an operator over their first 5-year period. The projections are forecasted from current operations and realistic figures. They have been created to give an achievable income bracket for all new operators.

Garden Franchise Net Profit
Garden Franchsie Cash Flow


You will expect to incur cost of around £20,000, this includes the £9,995 initial investment, £5,000 of working capital & an additional £5,000 to cover other start-up costs.

Following our business model, franchise operators can expect a return on investment within their first 2 years.

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