For a low investment, we are providing the opportunity to establish your own successful Professional Garden Care business, with a format designed for success. Our Quick start up time means you will be up & running in a matter of weeks!

Franchising allows you to join an established brand, meaning time and effort spent creating a corporate image is not needed.

Franchise Operators are assigned to their own dedicated territory which is protected and based around your designated postcode area, with enough customer potential to grow a healthy business.

Franchising allows you to grow your business quickly with low risk’s, following our tried & tested format, we guide you down the fast track to a successful Garden Care business.


All new Franchise operators complete an induction training course;
Designed to teach you the skills needed to run your own The Fourth Room ® Professional Garden Care' business. The training covers all aspects of gardening work as well as the essential elements of managing and growing a garden maintenance business. Below are some of the area’s covered during the induction:

Core Garden Maintenance Skills & Techniques
Exceeding customer satisfaction
Safe & Appropriate Tool Use
Accurate Job Quoting
Securing new contractsDiary Management / Planning

Our on going support is a key element to the success of our franchise operators. Our business format is Tried and Tested - so we know where you may need support, and the best advice and guidance to give.

The key areas of support we offer to our franchise operators and how we will help within these specific areas are:

Industry 'Know-How' support
Lead Generation
Business & financial planning
On the job trainin
Business Manuals
Dedicated Franchise Manager


We are looking for 'like minded' individuals, people who share the same passion as ‘The Fourth Room’. We all have a genuine love of the outdoors and a true passion for gardening. If you are passionate about this, we believe there is NO better business opportunity. This, combined with an ambition to own a successful business is, in our opinion, the perfect combination of a successful franchisee.


'The Fourth Room' was originally established was to allow Stephen to manage a work life balance that suited him, enabling him to raise 3 young children. It provided him the ability to mold his working life around his family. Their is a flexibility running your own gardening business that would not be provided working a job for an employer, and a freedom to work in the way that suits YOU.


Owning a successful business is an aspiration for many, this opportunity allows you to fulfil this ambition, with that comes a rewarding financial income. It also provides a comfortable lifestyle, a combination of freedom, flexibility and a genuine love for the work you are doing.


By following our business format, you will within a short period of time be running a team of gardeners. Allowing you to spend your time on the growth of your franchise business.

Future prospects for entrepreneurial franchisees will allow an opportunity to become a franchise manager, this means working with ‘The Fourth Room’ to build the franchise network, you will work to obtain, teach and manage new franchisee’s, as you have already been successful with your own experience. You will guide new franchise operators from personal experience. Franchise managers take a commission from all Operators running under their supervision.

The Opportunity to sell your franchise business once established and turning profit is a future prospect

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